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Jet Grouting


Geo-Con provides a range of innovative grouting techniques that can be performed as a stand-alone solution or used in conjunction with soil mixing or vertical barrier technologies to address a variety of challenging subsurface conditions:

Jet Grouting uses ultra-high pressure (~6,000 psi) injection of cement grout to cut and mix soil in-situ. Grout is fed, by a specialized high pressure jet pump, through a rotating drill pipe and forced out laterally through small jet ports at the bottom of the drill pipe. Jet Grout columns are typically formed from the bottom up providing a column of fully mixed soil. Jet Grouting is commonly used in conjunction with Soil Mixing or Vertical Barrier walls to provide a continuous barrier or homogeneous soil-mixed monolith in areas with difficult or limited surface access, subsurface obstructions, or sensitive utility locations. Jet Grouting is also particularly effective in structural underpinning and foundation rehabilitation.

Compaction Grouting is a displacement technique in which a stiff mortar-like grout is introduced into the soil under pressure to form grout columns and compact loose soils in place. Compaction grouting is used primarily for densification of loose, fine grained soils for liquefaction mitigation. Compaction Grouting can be readily performed within buildings or in other areas with limited overhead access, since large equipment is not necessary.

Pressure Grouting is a proven methodology for installing seepage barriers (grout curtains) to eliminate, or minimize, problematic water flow through karstic, fractured, or otherwise pervious bedrock commonly found in dam foundations. Grout Curtains are installed by the injection of cement-based grouts into the underlying bedrock, under pressure, through grout-pipe and borehole packers. Geo-Con has performed extensive laboratory testing to develop a comprehensive suite of state-of-the-art balanced, stable grouts that can meet today's most stringent specifications. Geo-Con employs the use of real-time computerized monitoring systems for continuously measuring and recording grout injection parameters during curtain installation.


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